New Day Praise is a new Christian Contemporary Music team based in Detroit, Michigan. Their vision is to edify, empower and share uplifting, anointed music that is listened to and shared by people throughout the world to glorify God.
Co-founders of New Day Praise 
Krystal Kuehn 
Team Leader, Songwriter & Musician

Krystal is the team leader and songwriter of New Day Praise, a new Christian Contemporary Music team established in 2017. Krystal’s heart has always been in using her gifts and talents to praise and glorify God through her music and her life. She co-founded New Day Praise with her sister and manager, Violet James, who shares her vision to edify, empower and share uplifting, anointed music that reaches the ends of the earth. They have been working together in music, ministry and business for many years and have a passion for making a positive, significant difference in people’s lives.
As a songwriter and musician, Krystal also writes songs in the genres of AC, Country, and Instrumental- many of which are in exclusive high-end music publishing catalogs for use in film/tv and commercials. Krystal enjoys working with and feels very blessed and thankful to have an incredibly gifted coach and mentor, Alan Roy Scott, a renowned music industry veteran, hit songwriter and music producer. 
Krystal’s early songwriting days started as a rhythm/lead guitar player in a rock/metal band,  Burning Desire.  They released an album, Break Free, which rapidly climbed up on the Michigan State University WLFT Top Ten Album Charts (CM Journal, New York).  That was the 1st time in the MSU WLFT Radio that a local band on an independent label hit the Top 10 Charts alongside all nationally known artists such as Whitesnake and Def Leppard. 

Krystal gives many thanks to Stryper, a Christian hard rock/metal band, for introducing her to the love of Christ. She credits them for leading her to open her heart to God who has healed her life, made her whole and changed her forever.
Krystal continued to expand musically as a musician and songwriter as she crossed over into different styles and genres. She played bass guitar in many theatrical productions, ensembles, orchestra, and praise & worship bands. She also performed bass guitar for the Macomb Community College Jazz Band and trained for over 10 years in classical guitar. ​
Violet James, MSM
Artist Management/ Music Manager 

Violet is the co-founder and music/business manager for New Day Praise. With her expertise ranging from artist management/promotion to art direction & design, Violet brings a wide variety of experience and insight to her managing. She has over 20 years experience in artist management and marketing. She is an International best-selling author and award winning web designer and artist.

For inquiries or questions in regards to using the songs, licensing, booking etc, Violet will be the person to contact.

She shares a passion with her sister, Krystal Kuehn, in sharing uplifting, empowering music that touches people all over the world.